July 11, 2013

Be in the Know: Common Illegal Interview Questions Asked

So, once again thanks to Yahoo news, I came across this article about illegal questions that are commonly asked during an interview.  What is ironic about this is the fact that I was just having a conversation with my mother about a question that I was asked and she told me it was illegal.  So, I want y'all to know about these questions so you are in the know too...

  • Have you been arrested? ....Companies cannot ask this question, however, they can ask if you have been convicted of a crime and depending on the state, a guilty conviction does not automatically disqualify you from a job.
  • Are you married?....This question is illegal because it reveals your marital and sexual status
  • Do you have children?...Companies cannot deny employment to those with children or planning on having children.
  • What religious holidays do you celebrate?...It is illegal for companies to ask you to reveal your religion.
  • Is English your first language?....They can ask if you are proficient in other languages but cannot ask if English is your first language.
  •      What country are you from?....It is illegal because it reveal     national origin, but companies can ask if you are legally allowed to work in this country.
  •     Do you have an outstanding debt?...Companies must gain permission to look at credit history, they also cannot ask how you manage personal expenses or anything about your personal property.
  • Do you socially drink?...Cannot ask this question due to the Disability Act of 1990 (alcoholism is considered a disability).
  • When was the last time you used illegal drugs?...Companies cannot ask about your past usage, however they can ask if you are currently using or used in the past 6 months.
  • How long have you been working?...Allows companies to guess your age which is unlawful.
  • What type of discharge did you receive in the military?...Not an appropriate question, however they can ask about your training, education and work experience you gained from the military.
***Now, I personally was asked about my views on drugs during a job application process, which is what started this conversation with my mother and lead to the development of this post.  For example, I was asked if I believe people who used/use drugs should be arrested or if I believed it is okay to use drugs in the privacy of your own home?  Since when did getting a waitress job require me to let the company know about my opinion on drug use outside of the workplace?  Some companies are just pushing the boundaries.  Even though I personally do not use drugs, it is not my employer's business to know how I feel about it.  At least this is what I think; what is done on your off time is your own business and as long as you don't come to work high, then it is not the employer's business.  What do ya'll think?

Thank you, Vivian Giang!

-Rambling Holly


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