July 31, 2013

Chocolate Chex Mix Dark Review

So, with having limited time and wanting to try new things, I saw this Chex Mix and finally decided to try it.  I like that the mix includes chocolate powdered chex pieces, yogurt covered chex pieces, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate cookies and candied covered chocolate.  However, I think my bag was really heavy on the chocolate powdered chex pieces mostly and it was just a bit disappointing.

I would have preferred more yogurt covered chex and pretzels.  I did not see any chocolate candies.  I personally will not be buying this kind again.  On the flip side, my mother likes this kind, so I would not base whether you will like this product based on my opinion.  Try it for yourself and share your thoughts with me....and if you already have tried this product, share you thoughts....

-Rambling Holly

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