July 31, 2013

Free Kindle Books: Comic/Graphic Novels

Here is tonight's list of 10 free comic/graphic novel kindle books....

Mr. John Chameleon by Anne Karen Rasch (29 pages)
Amanda Hockings: The Hollows by Amanda Hockings... (26 pages)
P.I. Jane by Lauren Burke...(16 pages)
Parasite (Tribe 12) by Thomas Biechlin (12 pages)

Soulfire Preview by Jeph Loeb III...(9 pages)
FCBD Superman: Last Son #1 by Richard Donner...
The Norm: Time Collection by Michael Jantze
The Norm: Ring Collection by Michael Jantze
Spy 6 Teen #1 by Lisa Moore...
Maestro by Jerry Estrada...

-Rambling Holly

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