July 25, 2013

Free Kindle Books: Horror

Here is tonight's list of 10 free horror kindle books...

Vampires and Sexy Romance by Eva Sloan...(855 pages)
Pursuit by Scott Marmorstein (448 pages)
Hollowland (The Hollows #1) by Amanda Hocking (306 pages)
The Unearthly by Laura Thalassa (298 pages)
Ghosts of Rosewood Asylum by Stephen Prosapio...(294 pages)
Turtle Island by Darren Laws (286 pages)
A Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper (279 pages)
Her by Luke Keioskie (250 pages)
Eternal Hungry by Francene Carroll (244 pages)
There be Dragons by Peter Hallett (233 pages)

-Rambling Holly

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