July 30, 2013

Giveaway List

Once again, here is my weekly list of great giveaways and instant wins....try your luck and enter them, what can it hurt...

Baby Shower Bash giveaway (1 grand prize, ENDS 8/6)
Red Gold Apron giveaway (5,000 prizes, ENDS 8/30)
$1,500 Target Card giveaway
Yes to Blueberries giveaway (1,200 prizes, ENDS 7/30)
Prime for the very first time giveaway (150,000 prizes, ENDS 7/31)

Bart's Butterfinger instant win (over 100,000 prizes, ENDS 11/10)
Meet Michelin Wipers instant win (over 1,300 prizes, ENDS 7/31)
Powerade Nike+ Fuel Band instant win (ENDS 7/31)
HSN Spin2Win instant win (1,000 prizes, ENDS 7/31)
Jelly Belly Mystery Flavor instant win (1,000 prizes, ENDS 7/31)

-Rambling Holly

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