July 11, 2013

Shopping Tips: Don't Forget Shaw's Deals

I am sure not all y'all are Shaw's shoppers but I am and I am so excited about all the great new deals.  Shaw's still doubles coupons that are under $1 and now, they also accept competitor coupons (start tomorrow until July 31).  So, right now I am going over the Shaw's flyer (valid sales 7/12-7/18), trying to gather all the coupons I can possibly find and decide on what recipes I will making.  This will allow me to make sure I pick up all the ingredients that I need.

What do you do to get ready to go shopping?  Do you plan or just wing it?  Share with me your tips and tricks of preparing to go grocery shopping.  Remember if you plan out your list you tend to spend less money.  In fact, planning ahead helped me rack up a savings of 55% on this mornings shopping trip where among other things I was able to get 4 cases (12 pk) of Pepsi next for $6 total and 2 Welch juice for $2 total.  I love saving and I saved a total of $21.74!!!

-Rambling Holly

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