July 10, 2013

The Key To Snagging a Deal: Rain Checks

So, I was going to pick up my FREE bags of Kit Kat Minis at CVS and do a post about how I turned 4 coupons into 2 bags of FREE Kit Kat candy ($1 money maker).  But due to many people knowing about this deal, I got to my CVS store to see an empty shelf, where the Kit Kat Minis are suppose to be.  Know I am sure that I am not the only one that has had this happen to....but the key to still being able to capitalize on these good deals when they are all sold out is to request a rain check.  Now, just so you know, most store will only allow sale items to get a rain check on (and some stores even require the item to be advertised).

So, I went to the associate and asked for a rain check....she was nice enough to let me know that there will be some more tomorrow, if I want to come back.  However, just to make sure I don't miss out, I got a rain check as well.

-Rambling Holly

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