August 6, 2013

BLOGGERS WANTED: Madison Wood Gym Set

For those of you that have your own blog and would like the opportunity to get more audience to your Twitter or Pinterest, you can get it for FREE as long as you join this giveaway and agree to promote it....
One lucky winner will win


Madison Wood Gym Set

Value $329.98 + Insurance for 2 years $52.99

(if is not available, winner can pick any Gym set up to $390.00 with insurance include)


-Dates September 16 to October 7

-Free Twitter or Pinterest with promotional announcement 

-Co-host $20
2 Host pages
10 Links on the RC (no google links, if you have G+ on GFC on your blog, we can direct fans to go there and follow you from your blog)

-Extra links $4.00

Please send payment to as gift

-Rambling Holly

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