August 12, 2013

Organize Tip: How Long to Keep Paperwork

I know I am not the only one that hates a bunch of papers piling up and I never know how long we are suppose to keep certain paperwork.  With that being said, I just came across an article in Woman's Day on how long we should keep paperwork:

ATM recipes: 1 month (ensure your monthly statement is accurate and then SHRED the receipt)

Bank statements:  1 year

Credit card statements:  1 year (confirm statement is accurate and any returns are noted)

Loan and mortgage statements:  1 year (wait for year-end statements, then SHRED monthly and quarterly)

Medical bills: 1 year or until paid off

Tax documents:  7 years

Home improvement bills:  Until you sell (proof for buyers and lowering taxes)

Investment statements:  Indefinitely (keep all paperwork, forever)

Thank you, Woman's Day!

-Rambling Holly

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