August 29, 2013

Think Before You Donate

Wow....I have seen this a few times and each time I see this picture (on Facebook) I can't believe it.  The most popular organizations that are suppose to help the community with our donations are really helping their pockets.  I remember a little while ago someone that used to work for me was moving out of an abusive relationship and out on her own.  She did not have any furniture and necessities, so I suggested that she call the Salvation Army to see if they could help her and they said they couldn't.

Also, I used to work for Goodwill, I could not believe what I found out.  Apparently, Goodwill does work with disabled individuals to help train them so they can earn a living.  I did not see that though.  And yes, everything that is donated, does get sold for a price.  However, if the clothes do not sell in a month's time, some of them will be picked to be donated to local homeless shelters.

Thinking of these organizations also reminds me of the fact that we all have to research who we donate our blood to because some companies sell your blood, like American Red Cross.  I personally do not think it right to make money off of my donated especially blood and hair.  What are y'all's thoughts?  Do you have any experiences with these organizations that you would like to share (good or bad)?

-Rambling Holly

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