September 18, 2013

Green Giant BBQ Sweet Potato Chips

So, as some of you may know, I was able to try the Green Giant Barbecue due to some freebie samples in the mail.  I am so glad that I got them as freebies because I do not know if I would have tried them if I had to buy them.  However, I am glad that I did try them because I LOVE them.  You really can't tell that they are sweet potato chips.

The chips are extra crispy, almost like the crispiness of kettle cooked chips.  The flavor is amazing.  Now I am from the south and when it comes to barbecue, Southerners love their barbecue to be sweet with a little bit of heat and that is exactly what these chips deliver.  The flavor of this chips have the barbecue taste with a little bit of spice.  I personally think it is just the right amount of spice too.  Since trying these chips I have bought them several times.  I STRONGLY suggest y'all go out and buy you a bag!!!!  THEY ARE SOO GOOD!!!  The best part is that I have seen them for cheap, like $1-2 a bag!!!

-Rambling Holly

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