September 23, 2013

Money Saving Tip: Sign Up and Join Companies You Love

I know that especially now where it is creeping closer and closer to Christmas, everyone is trying to save money any way they can.  Or you could be like me and just trying to save money all year round....either way here are some ways for you to save money....

On Groceries:
  • Grab coupons from the Sunday paper
  • Printable coupons:
  • Download Apps:
Reward Programs:
Other Money Saving Programs and Apps (earn gift cars, free products and more):
  • Swagbucks
  • Shopkick (app, link for both Apple and Android devices)
  • AppJoy+ (app, link for Apple devices, please enter I113585 invitation code and we both will get 2500 nanas FREE)
  • Viggle (app, link for both Apple and Android devices)

You should also sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs of you favorite companies and like them on facebook!
-Rambling Holly

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