October 17, 2013

A New Deadly Drug....Krokodil

I just had to talk about this topic as soon as I saw it.  Now, I understand that there is a good amount of people who experiment with drugs (including me a long time ago), but some of these drugs are getting pretty bad.  This includes the bath salts that was involved with the controversy about that man who was arrested for eating a homeless man's face.  Then one time I was watching Intervention where the woman was addicted to bath salts and if she did not have access to the bath salts she would inject herself with Clorox.  That is crazy enough but on top of that this woman did not even know how to properly inject herself (as bad as that sounds).  I am not saying this to cast judgement because obviously people experiment with drugs to overcome or cover up some underlying issue, I am just trying to shed some light on this serious issue.

So, I just recently hear about this new drug, Krokodil or desomorphine.  This new drug that originated in Russia, has made popular appearances in Chicago and Illinois drug scenes.  The high from Krokodil is similar to heroine, however, the drug's combination of codeine, paint thinner, gasoline, butane and other harsh chemicals causes the person's skin to burn from the inside out.  The worse part about this is two women that suffer from the effects of this drug said they were under the assumption that they were purchasing heroine instead of this even worse drug (Krokodil is a cheaper version).  (Click here for the interview).

According to another newscast, Krokodil is attractive because it is cheaper than heroine and is easier to make.  However, Dr. Abhin Singla, who has treated some of the people suffering from the Krokodile flesh-eating effects stated, "It's a zombie drug -- it literally kills you from the inside out...If you want way to die, this is a way to die".  This drug is some serious stuff, it causes damage to the veins and soft tissue infections which leads to gangrene and necrosis.  There is no official confirmation of cases of Krokodil abuse in the United States, however, the people who have come forward and sought medical attention have the same side effects (Click here for this article and video).

So, with all this information here, I am hoping that this will reach enough people to warn them and prevent anyone from using this deadly drug.  No drug is worth losing you life over and that is a fact.  I am not trying to preach to anyone, I just want y'all to know what is going on out there and help you protect yourselves.  Please share this to spread the word and please leave your comments on what you think about this.  I personally think it is weird that these last couple of years have brought about drugs that have devastating side effects, such as, cannibalism and burning/rotting your flesh from the inside out.

-Rambling Holly

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