November 29, 2013

Freebie List

Yay, it is Friday!  And though many of you may have been running around trying to score the best of Black Friday deals, here are some freebies to add to your possession....

Antlers for Dogs & Cats (at Petco, when you make a purchase with your Pal Rewards card)

Purina Friskies Grillers Blend Coupon

Roux Color Refresh Mask

Disney Snow Globe (at JcPenney)

Tote Bag & $5 Gift Card (at Half Price Books, first 100 people at each location)

Pet Christmas Stocking (at Petsmart, first 100 people at each location)

Breakfast (at Sam's Club, at 7 am)

Squelch Odor Remover sample

Gucci ‘Made to Measure’ Fragrance sample

Truvia Natural Sweetener sample

-Rambling Holly

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