December 2, 2013

Kitchen Tip: Easy Way to Make Deviled Eggs

With most holidays at my house, one of the must have food items is deviled eggs.  I know all too well how messy and daunting the task can be, after all there was one year that for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner where I had to cook enough for 13 people (who all really loved them).  So, thanks to my mother and my love of Pinterest I have 2 tips that I will share with you to cut down the messy and daunting process.

  • Buy your eggs a week before you cook them....doing this will allow it to be easier to peel the egg
  • Cook the perfect egg....bring pot with eggs and water to a rolling boil, turn off heat and let sit for 15 minutes.  That's it!!!
  • Adding the "deviled" stuffing to your egg....avoid the mess by using a ziplock bag (one that has the zipper).  You can smash, mix and add the filling to your eggs without ever getting it on your fingers.  Just cut a small part of the bottom corner of the bag to use as a make shift pipe bag.

-Rambling Holly

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