January 20, 2014

Kindle Books: Children's

If you have a child in your house this list is just for you....10 FREE children's books...

Mystics #1: The Seventh Sense by Kim Richardson (376 pages)
Moe's Monsters by Gary Wagner (305 pages)
Puddly The Penguin by Bryant Oden (178 pages)
Christy Miller's Diary by Robin Jones Gunn (130 pages)
Pirates Off the Deep End by T.W. Kirchner (101 pages)
The Newbien by Roderick J. Robison (38 pages)
Ado in the Meadow by Mary Danino...(34 pages)
Chuck the Chick by Achiya Zallayet... (29 pages)
The Very Last Apple by Peter Collier (28 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm...

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