January 27, 2014

Kindle Books: Children's

Good evening.  If you have any children in your life, here are 10 free kindle books for their enjoyment (whether you read them or they read them)....

Through the Portal: Book One by Justin Dennis (253 pages)
Jute's Charmed Life: Chameleon's Cloak by Garrett Alley (178 pages)
Hidden Intent by CJ Urban (129 pages)
Change in the Wind by Mark Huebner (109 pages)
Princess Twinkle And The Young Mermaid by Lizak Strahm (48 pages)
Be Mine by Brenda Ponnay (41 pages)
The Gift of the Ladybug by Carole Amber (32 pages)
A Monster At Sea by Irene Goodwill... (26 pages)
The Truth Fairy by AJ Cosmo
Fred the Frog Finds A Friend by Courtney Jones

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