January 23, 2014

Kindle Books: Horror

In the mood for a 'scary' read?!  Tonight's list is for you with 10 free horror kindle books...

Grace Lost by M. Lauryl Lewis (336 pages)
Jenny Pox by JL Bryan (312 pages)
The Accordo by Roberta L Smith (300 pages)
Overrun by Brian Clopper (299 pages)
The Woods of Red Hill by Shaun Whittington (287 pages)
Abyssal Sanctuary: Remnants of the Damned by Gavin Hetherington (283 pages)
Coven by K.A. Young (252 pages)
By the Light of the Carnival by Peter Joseph Swanson (242 pages)
The Hand That Feeds by Michael W. Garza (213 pages)
The Bastille by Victor Methos (162 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula? by William Massa

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