January 2, 2014

PRODUCT RECALL: Prego Pasta Sauce

Ok, for those of you that buy Prego sauce (I grew up on it), I have some bad news....there has been a recall on some of the jars (300 cases) due to "the risk of spoilage".

This risk was found out by Campbell's "routine quality control testing" and due the result of the test, Campbell's has voluntarily recalled the 300 cases.

To find out if you have a recalled jar, check the "BEST BY" date and if you have a jar with the following:

JUN 16 2015 12153 CT BJ ZV 0330
JUN 16 2015 12153 CT BJ ZV 0449

Return your jar(s) to the location you purchased them from for a full refund.  If you want more information, click here to be directed to Campbell's recall post.

Thank you, Budget Savvy Diva!!!

-Rambling Holly

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