February 7, 2014

Amazon Deals: Movies

Hey y'all....now I know that I have not been posting any Amazon deals this week and I apologize for that...but here are the great deals that I found on movies for ya...

The White Queen: Season One for $19.99 (60% off)

I Love Lucy: The Complete Series for $94.06 (60% off)

7th Heaven: The Complete Series for $161.59 (60% off)

Escape Plan for $14.96 (50% off)

Baggage Claim for $14.96 (50% off)

Scorned for $9.96 (60% off)

Leap Frog: Letter Factor for $7.50 (50% off)

Epic for $10.00 (67% off)

Alice in Wonderland for $9.96 (50% off)

Tarzan for $9.96 (50% off)

-Rambling Holly

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