February 24, 2014

Cleaning Tip: Commonly Forgotten Germ-Infested Places

So, I know that personally try my best to keep a clean house but I was surprised when I read this article, how there are some place I am forgetting to clean....

  • Sponges: whether it is the ones we use to clean our bathroom or the ones that we use to clean our dishes and counter tops, so in between replacing them, you can disinfect them by wetting them and zapping them in the microwave for a few minutes to kill the germs or have it run through your dishwasher.

  • Great unknown spaces between appliances: That small space in between the refrigerator and the counter tops/cabinets and the space between the stove and the counter tops/cabinets, use the vacuum or slide out the appliance to get in there and clean out those spaces.

  • Green Grocery Bags: Great for the environment but those cloth bags need to be cleaned in the washer on a regular basis.

  • Shelves and Bins in the Refrigerator: Sticky residue and split, spoiled whatever makes your refrigerator gross, using hot soap water, wipe out the refrigerator.

  • Broom: whether it is the big one or just a little one, vacuum the broom and wash in a sink with hot soapy water to get rid of dust mites and more.

  • Gym/Workout bag: Sweat and gym fungus....you wash your gym clothes, why wouldn't you wash the bag, just toss in the washer if it fits, if not wipe out with a towel with disinfectant and let air dry.
Thank you, Good Housekeeping!!!

-Rambling Holly

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