February 4, 2014

Giveaway List

Another week and here is this week's list of giveaways and instant wins....which ones are you entering...

$25 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway (ends 2/8)

$50 Target Gift Card & GE Lighting Giveaway (ends 2/8)

Shake & Go Tumbler and MiO FIT Liquid Water Enhancer Giveaway (ends 2/9)

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips Jar and Chocolate Giveaway (ends 2/12)

You Deserve It Valentine's Giveaway (ends 2/14)

Florida Vacation Giveaway (ends 2/15)

$30 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (ends 2/15)

Keurig V700 Giveaway (ends 2/21)

Gorton's Care Package Giveaway (ends 2/27)

SodaStream Giveaway (ends 2/28)

Lindt Chocolate “Melt Away Valentine’s Day” Instant Win Game (ends 2/14)

Purina Prize Bowl Instant Win Game (ends 2/17)

Jamba Juice Healthy Habits Instant Win Game (ends 2/17)

Minute Maid Drink Your OJ Instant Win Game (ends 2/28)

Snickers Super Bowl Instant Win Game (ends 2/28)

Orville Ready Game Day Instant Win Game (ends 2/28)

Brother Office Supply Closet Instant Win Game (ends 2/28)

GLAD Great Stink Escape Instant Win Game (ends 3/31)

Feel Alive Visa Gift Card Instant Win Game (ends 3/31)

Green Mountain Coffee The Perfect Cup Instant Win Game (ends 3/31)

-Rambling Holly

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