February 5, 2014

Kindle Books: Contemporary Fiction

Here are tonight's list of 10 free contemporary fiction kindle books for y'all to enjoy...

The Sword and the Dragon by M. R. Mathias (522 pages)
Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin (436 pages)
The Light Of Eidon by Karen Hancock (433 pages)
Shaman, Healer, Heretic by M. Terry Green (338 pages)
Up with Lo by Roman Dee Hellwigi (333 pages)
Erich's Plea by Tracey Alley...(322 pages)
The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian S. Pratt (322 pages)
Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It by Whitney Boyd (236 pages)
Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone (243 pages)
Ambrose Fountain by Brian Sieve (145 pages)

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