February 19, 2014

Shark Rotator Professional Vacuum

Good afternoon!  Today, I had to do this review on this vacuum that I just bought.  I am so excited about it (I know, I just said that I am excited about a vacuum).  I went to Walmart after getting fed up with my old vacuum (and getting my tax return) and bought the Shark Rotator Professional for $228.

Even though I have been trying to do video reviews, this vacuum is just too big to be in the video.  So here is the breakdown of my thoughts.  I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!!!

When it comes to me looking for a vacuum, I first start with functionality.  I want a vacuum that is going to have enough suction that is going to be able to clean my carpets (including getting the pet hair off the floor).  I also look for bagless vacuums.  And lastly, I look for a vacuum that is easy to move around and is light weight.  The Shark Rotator Professional vacuum has all these qualities and then some.

With this vacuum, you can use it three different ways.  The standard way with the brushroll (called upright cleaning) and it has headlights to help you see if you missed anything.  The best part about this is that when you are using it, all you have to do is turn on the brushroll and it pretty much does all the pushing for you. So it is just feels like all you are doing is the steering...no more struggling to push a vacuum around.

The Lift-away cleaning is where you can detach the system from the brushroll attachment and carry around the vacuum and use the hose with any desired attachment.  This is perfect for vacuuming the stairs or any other tight spaces.

Then there is the Canister Cleaning.  This is where you attach the vacuum to the canister caddy (that is on wheels) and use the hose and any desired attachments, perfect for vacuuming hard wood floors.

The attachments that came with my vacuum where as follows:

Crevice Tools

Straight Suction Floor Nozzle

Power Brush


So, with all that being said....I STRONGLY recommend this vacuum!!!!  It is at Walmart for only $228.  I am in love with mine and I am sure you will be in love with yours.  If you have one or do get a Shark vacuum, please leave your comments below, sharing what you think of the vacuum.

-Rambling Holly

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