March 5, 2014

Hot Deals: Avon Fragrance

Hey y'all.  Once again I was checking out the products on Avon and found some great deals on their fragrances (both men and women)....

Haiku Kyoto Flower 4-Piece Poetry Collection for $23 ($48.50 value)

IMARI SEDUCTION Double Deal Fragrance Set for $14 ($33 value)

Odyssey 3-Piece Fragrance Favorites Collection for $10.99 ($20.99 value)

Night Magic Favorites of the Fragrance Trio for $10.99 ($20.99 value)

Imari Blossom Fragrance Duo for $14 ($23 value)

Black Suede 3-Piece Grooming Collection for $10 ($24.99 value)

Mesmerize for Men 3-Piece Favorites Collection for $14.99 ($31.50 value)

Wild Country 3-Piece Favorites Collection for $10 ($20.49 value)

Black Suede Essential 3-Piece Fragrance & Grooming Set for $14.99 ($29 value)

Derek Jeter Driven Rush Body Spray for $12.50

-Rambling Holly

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