March 17, 2014

Life Tip: Treat Yourself

Hey y'all.  Now I know that I have started this blog to share my thoughts, recipes and tips to help living on a budget because I know that we all should share tips and good things to help us get through life.  After all, there are plenty of times where many people are willing to share the bad in their life, so I wanted to be different.

With this in mind, even though you may have bills and other financial responsibilities, it is still important to treat yourself every once in a while.  If you work hard to make sure things are taken care off every day then it is vital to get something for yourself or do something for yourself to treat yourself for all the hard work you are doing.  I know that I personally do not want to be working the two jobs that I have every week and have nothing to show for it besides paying the bills that have to be paid every month.

Now, I am not saying you should go out and blow a bunch of money every week or even every month, but you should find ways to spend a little bit of money on yourself maybe once or every other week or splurge on yourself once month.  You have to take time out to take a break from the stress life can bring to help make your life a bit better.  So, I am strongly advising everyone to budget some money for you to treat decide how often you treat yourself but make sure you do.

-Rambling Holly

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