April 2, 2014

Kindle Books: Contemporary Fiction

Well, here is tonight's free list of great reads....

Memoir of an Unlikely Savior by Peter VanDenBeemt (419 pages)
At First Light by Spike Pedersen (386 pages)
Red Skies by Kay Bratt (354 pages)
Unlikely Family by Lee Adams (349 pages)
Matika and the River Lion by Latrice Simpkins (344 pages)
Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson (322 pages)
What You Leave Behind by Jessica Katoff and Charlie K. Brasher (322 pages)
Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling (292 pages)
Light the Hidden Things by Don McQuinn (279 pages)
Now and Then by Brenda Rothert (231 pages)

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