May 31, 2014

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

It is the final post for this week, but I have found some great free reads....

Kidnapped by Suzanne Ferrell (628 pages)
The Reckoning by Jason D. Morrow (374 pages)
The New Wizards by Joe Sharp (329 pages)
Winter's Destiny by Nancy Allan (315 pages)
Wizard Chase by Rick Just (304 pages)
Lost Days by R.W Ridley (284 pages)
Stray by Andrea K. Host (278 pages)
And We Danced by Toni Mari (274 pages)
Wanderer's Escape by Simon Goodson (268 pages)
Ninja Nanny by Natalie Newport (232 pages)

Reminder: Last Day to Print

I just wanted to remind y'all that today is the last day to print the month of May's they will change.

Smart Source

Red Plum


***Don't forget to check and use your Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Saving Star accounts, as well.***

-Rambling Holly

Kellogg's Family Rewards Code

Good news for all of us that are Kellogg's Family Rewards members....a new code to put us that much closer to our own individual goals....

JUSTBECAUSEBONUS - 50 pts (activated 5/27)

So, what are y'all's plans with your points?  What do you want to get with them?  I typically use mine on magazine subscriptions.

-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

So, today I got another free magazine issue of Shape.  What did y'all get?

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

Found some freebies to score this weekend, I hope y'all aren't busy because these are great...

6oz. can of Hunt's® Tomato Paste

U by Kotex Sample

5X7 Photo Book to Military Address

Eye Owl Earrings (just in case you missed it)

Disney’s Maleficent Backpack (with a Better For you Kid's Meal purchase at Subway)

Flower Craft eBook

One Day Pass to Sam’s Club

-Rambling Holly

May 30, 2014

Kindle List: Young Adult

I am a firm supporter of getting more and more kids and teens to read more and here is a great list of books for teens...

Broken by Dean Murray (562 pages)
Firemancer Collection by R. H. D'aigle (469 pages)
No One's Angel by Kelly Walker (392 pages)
You Belong With Me by Shannon Guymon (357 pages)
Marti Talbott's Highlander Series 1 by Marti Talbott (334 pages)
The Choosing by Jeremy Laszlo....(296 pages)
Stray by Andrea K. Host (278 pages)
Never Say Never by Kailin Gow (236 pages)
The Grave Artist by Paula Lynn Johnson (226 pages)
Battery Brothers by Steven Carman (171 pages)

Hot Deals: AVON What's New

I found some great new items through Avon, now even though they may not be significantly discounted like most of the deals I spotlight, this is a chance to try some new product...

Footworks Beautiful Lavender Soothe & Pamper 4-Piece Collection for $9.99 ($26 retail)

Fab Tees 4-Pack for $29.99 ($34.99 retail)

SKIN SO SOFT Soft & Sensual Breast Cancer Awareness Edition Bath Oil for $10

Tic-Tac-Toe Towel for $24.99

Rare Diamonds 5-piece Rich & Radiant Fragrance Collection for $23 ($49 retail)

ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Round Brush with Clip for $5.99 ($6.99 retail)

Close WindowOn-the-Go Picnic Basket for $24.99

Shimmer Burst Ring for $7.99 ($10.99 retail)

Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Pencil for $4.99 ($8 retail)

Avon Instinct for Him 3-Piece Fragrance Collection for $23 ($34.50 retail)

***This is just a handful of great products, click here to see all the new items.***


BLOGGERS WANTED: List of Opportunities

Because I am a blogger still trying to make it, I know how much it means to want and need exposure to your blog and this is why I have found some great blogging opportunities for you to sign up and they all are FREE (with additional paid options if you choose)...just let them know Rambling Thoughts sent ya

New Baby Needs Giveaway (begins 6/1)

Bike into Summer Giveaway (begins 6/1)

$100 Sephora Gift Card Giveaway (6/8)

Summer Cash Giveaway (begins 6/9)

Slam 'n Curve Slide Giveaway (begins 6/16)

Blue Me Away or Pink of Me Giveaway (begins 7/15)

-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

So, today I am so excited because I just received my Spring Fling Voxbox from Influenster.  Click here to check out the unboxing video to see what all came in the box free for me to try and review.  What goodies did you receive today in the mail?

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

Wow, this week has blown by so fast and Friday is now here and I was still able to find some great freebies for us....

Dark & Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage Root To Tip Mender Sample

One Day Pass at Sam’s Club

Hot Bike Magazine Subscription

2 Boxes of Bisquick (at Walgreens, use 2 $1/1 coupon and get 1,000 Balance Rewards)

Latina Magazine Subscription

RepHresh Gel Sample

2 Right Guard Xtreme Deodorants (at Dollar Tree, use $2/2 coupon)

Benadryl Itch Relief Sticks (at Target, use $2/1 coupon and $0.50/1 Target coupon)

Yoplait Greek Yogurt (at Walmart, submit $1 Yoplait Ibotta Rebate)

Murad Acne Cleaning Solution Sample

7 Issues Parents Magazine

Eye Owl Earrings (new users)

Motorcyclist Magazine Subscription

Bridal Guide Magazine Subscription

-Rambling Holly

May 29, 2014

BLOGGER Opp: Slam 'n Curve Slide Giveaway

It’s Water Slide Time Event 
Organized by: Mom to Bed by 8 
Grand Prize: Little Tikes Slam ‘n’ Curve Slide Event 
Dates: 6/16 - 6/30 
Giveaway is open to US Residents. 

 -----------------------------------------------SIGN-UP HERE ------------------------------------------

This is perfect for us bloggers to offer our fans especially now that the weather is allowing us to enjoy the outdoors.  This is a great way for the kids to use up some of their never-ending energy in a fun way.  I have to admit that I am a little jealous that they didn't really have any of these that you could own when I was a kid.

-Rambling Holly

Kindle Books: Horror

I found some great horror kindle books for y'all to enjoy...

Dark Realms by Kristen Middleton (658 pages)
Fever Dreams by Campbell Jones (428 pages)
The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo (372 pages)
Night of the Fae by Lyneal Jenkins (343 pages)
Woz by John Long (332 pages)
Small Doses by David Jester (295 pages)
Dire House by Bruce Elliot Jones....(287 pages)
Flood Plains by Mark Wheaton (280 pages)
Arianna's Awakening by Jennifer Martucci...(260 pages)
Apocalypse: Underwater City by Chrissy Peebles...(119 pages)

Fruit & Cream

Fruit & Cream

What you need:

1/2 c. frozen strawberries
1/2 c. frozen mango
1 c. whipped cream


1. Add fruit to a bowl (keep fruit frozen).

2.  Add whipped cream to bowl and mix.  Enjoy!

-Rambling Holly

A New Deadly Threat to Using Public Restrooms


So this topic truly is messing with me has me skirmish just thinking about it.  What is this that I am talking about you ask?  Well, apparently there is a particular spider, the Two-Striped Telamonia, that just so happens to be extremely poisonous and loves to make their home in and on toilet rims; right under the toilet seat lid.  This location is perfect for them because they love cold, dark and damp climate.  "This spider's venom is extremely toxic, but can take several days to take effect."

Unfortunately, at least 4 people have died already from this spider bite.  They all were admitted to the hospital with similar symptoms "fever, chills, and vomiting, followed by muscular collapse, paralysis, and finally, death".  Three women who died did not know each other and the only thing they had in common is they all ate at an Olive Garden in North Florida.  After investigating the restaurant and excluding any food or air poisons, one toxicologist made the connection and found the spider living the the Olive Garden's bathroom toilet rim.
This investigation takes a turn when a lawyer who lost his life because his spider bite was admitted to the hospital and stated that he had not been to the Olive Garden.  He actually had been to Indonesia for a business trip.  The Civilian Aeronautics Board (CAB) ordered an inspection of all planes that had flights to India and found Two-Striped Telamonia spider nests in 4 different planes.  As a precaution, it is believed that these spiders could now be anywhere in the US.  With this being said, please before using a public toilet, lift the seat and check for spiders....your life is worth the few seconds to check the rim.

Check out the article I read here!
-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

Another day of free magazines for me in my mail first free issue of People magazine and another issue of Better Homes & Gardens with a coupon book with over $5 worth of coupons.  Did you get any freebies?

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

Another morning and some more great freebies for us....

Revlon Nail Polish (at Walgreens, use $1/1 coupon)

Breathe Right Nasal Strips Sample

Tri-Calm (at Walgreens, get $7 Register Rewards)

Issue of Icon Motosports Limiter Magazine

8 Country Music Downloads

Reach Advanced Toothbrush (at Walgreens, use $1/1 coupon 5/4 SS insert and get $2 Register Rewards)

BBC Earth Waking with Dinosaurs App

John Frieda Expert Style by Frizz Ease Sample (still available)

Cottonelle Flushable Cleaning Cloths Sample

LEGO Club Jr. Magazine Subscription

Bottle of Eucerin Face Lotion (first 1,000 at 3PM ET)

Pretzel at Philly Pretzel Factory

Battlefield 3 PC Game Download

5,000+ Easy Chef Recipes Android App

-Rambling Holly

May 28, 2014

Pampers Codes

Hey y'all.  If you are a Pampers Rewards member I got 2 code you have to make sure you enter into your account.

HSPK9XNEW7OND13 - 25 pts.

FB789MEMOZPR014 - 10 pts.

-Rambling Holly

Magnum Gold?! Ice Cream Bars

Click here to review my disclosure policy!  This post does contain affiliate links! USA, LLC
Ramblings Thoughts, Magnum Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Magnum Gold, Review, Video
So, I have seen the commercials, especially during the summer time and I do have a sweet spot for ice cream, so when I saw that I could get Magnum ice cream bars for half the retail price I jumped at it.

At my grocery store, they typically run for $2.99 a box of 3 bars.  However, I had a coupon that took $1.50 off the purchase.  So, instead of paying $1 a bar, I paid $0.50 a bar.  But are they really worth the cost?  After all you can get a half gallon of name brand ice cream such as Hood or Friendly's for under $3 most of the time.

Click the video below to watch my official video review on the Magnum Gold?! ice cream bars. USA, LLC

-Rambling Holly

Hot Deals: AVON Anew

So, I am not sure but if I have any fans that are older women who are worried about their "age lines", I got a product line just for you....there are some good deals currently where you can try some Anew products for cheap...

ANEW GENICS Eye Treatment for $24.99 ($36 retail)

ANEW PLATINUM Cleanser for $7.99 ($13 retail)

ANEW PLATINUM Night Cream for $24.99 ($38 retail)

ANEW ULTIMATE 7S Elixir for $34.99

ANEW ULTIMATE 7S Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Try-It Size for $12

Close Window

ANEW PLATINUM Serum for $34.99

ANEW GENICS Treatment Concentrate for $39.99

ANEW CLINICAL SKINVINCIBLE Deep Recovery Cream for $36

ANEW CLINICAL Pro Line Eraser Treatment for $39.99 (Buy 1, Get for $5)

-Rambling Holly

Mailbox Freebies

I got some more free magazines in the mail today...another issue of Rolling Stone and another issue of Computer Power User.  What did y'all get?

-Rambling Holly

Freebie List

We have made it halfway through the work week!!  I found some more freebies for us...

Printable Father’s Day Booklet

2014 National Geographic Earthwatch Expedition Guide

Disney Frozen Printable Paper Dolls

Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight Cat Food Sample (available again)

Coral Supplement or Toothpaste Sample

Impresd Samples (for a friend)

Matrix Biloage Shampoo & Conditioner Sample

Graphing Calculator by Mathlab (PRO) Android App

-Rambling Holly

May 27, 2014

Kindle Books: Mystery

I just love a good book that keeps me on the edge of my seat, with that being said here are some great mystery kindle books that are FREE for us to enjoy....

Deadly Stillwater by Roger Stelljes (378 pages)
A Reason to Live by Matthew Iden (360 pages)
New Orleans Mourning by Julie Smith (351 pages)
Dirty Little Secrets by Liliana Hart (317 pages)
Devil's Edge by BK Crawford (317 pages)
Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett (284 pages)
Grave Indulgence by William Doonan (282 pages)
Wanted by Nick Stephenson (274 pages)
Fry by Lorna Dounaeva (271 pages)
Clarity by Loretta Lost (162 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Abducted by T.R. Ragan