June 12, 2014

BLOGGERS WANTED: $100 Visa Gift Card

Blogger Sign up!

We are giving away 

Visa GC $100

-2 Free links with announcement (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest)
Get the promotional announcement here
The announcement is required or you can pay $5.00 waiver fee

-Giveaway Date:  June 16 to June 30

-Co-host $10.00 (include)
  10 Links (no google links or personal social media pages)
  2 Co-host pages

-Extra links $3.00 (up to 3 links)
***This is a great opportunity for us bloggers because most blog opp only offer one free link (though that is great).  Besides who doesn't need some extra money?  This is bound to bring more traffic to your blog.  
Send payment to melisurveys1978@gmail.com
If you have any question, please email me at nysavingspecials@gmail.com

-Rambling Holly

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