June 19, 2014

Don't Serve Teens Campaign

So, before I get too deep into this week's discussion, I have to admit that I was a teen who drank.  It was the thing to do on the weekends with my friends, mostly at one particular friend's house.  Thankfully, even though we all were underage and drinking, we did have a smart pact in which none of us would drive if that person even have a small drink.  Also, I think even though it was illegal, it was great to have a save place to drink and that is what my friend's house was because her mother was there to supervise.

However, growing up, I knew plenty of kids my age or just a little bit older who were killed due to either drinking too much or drinking and making stupid decision like driving or going out target practicing.  So, even though my group of friends were save (even though that sounds wrong to say), we all could have had a different fate, we all could be dead because of one reason or another.  After all, there were several times that we liked to go swimming in the lake after drinking....one or all of us could have drowned.  I say all this because I do believe that there should be an age restriction on consuming alcohol (even though I think it should be 18, instead of 21).  With this being said, I was very please to see an advertisement in an issue of the Rolling Stone magazine that promoted the end of serving alcohol to teens.

As you can see in the picture yourself, the ad includes the campaign's website, where they have plenty of tools and tips to help parents and adults prevent their teens from consuming alcohol.  If you have your own site, you can even promote the campaign on your site with the same button I have to the left.

Here are some facts that the website offers:
  • Yearly, 188,000 kids under 21 go to the ER with alcohol-related probs.   
  • Teen alcohol use causes death from poisoning, burns, falls, drowning, suicide.  
  • Hospital admissions for teen alcohol use (2008): 40,000; cost per average 5 day visit: $19K. DontServeTeens.gov

So, join the movement to keep out teens save, even if we ourselves were teen drinkers.  Not every teen stays safe, not every teen lives to be an adult when they start drinking during their teen years and we have to make sure all our teens make it to adulthood.  Drinking alcohol is not worth losing a young life.  What are your thoughts?  Do you have any experiences yourself that you would like to share?  Please join the discussion and spread the word.

Thank you, Don't Serve Teens!

-Rambling Holly

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