June 18, 2014

Kindle Books: Fantasy/Science Fiction

I found some great free fantasy and science fiction kindle books to share with y'all....

The Magic Shop by Justin Swap (513 pages)
The Final Formula by Becca Andre (377 pages)
City of God by R.S. Ingermanson (370 pages)
Full Moon by W.J. May & Chrissy Peebles (310 pages)
Witch's Brew by Heidi R. Kling (308 pages)
Kingdom Collection: Books 1-3 by Marie Hall (306 pages)
The Last Memory by T.T. Faulkner (294 pages)
Wild-Born by Adrian Howell (268 pages)
Wanderer's Escape by Simon Goodson (268 pages)
Planet Urth by Jennifer & Christopher Martucci (264 pages)

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