June 12, 2014

Pledge No R.I.P.

So the other night I was watching a portion on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (secret addiction) and on a serious note, Debra Antney, Waka Flocka's mother, started a great organization in tribute to her son's, Kayo Redd, death and to help her with the grief of losing her son.  Kayo Redd committed suicide last year (December 2013) due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  On the show, Debra talked about how she found out after Kayo's death, that he was battling with many people online about the negative statement people were saying about him and the family.  With all of this negativity in his life, Debra firmly believes that the internet and those people lead to Kayo's death.

I can only imagine the grief this family had to face and by no means should a parent ever have to bury their own child.  However, Debra didn't just sit around and let the grief of losing another son get to her.....she did something about it.  Debra created Pledge No R.I.P (Reckless Internet Posting) and the following is straight from the No R.I.P website:

"What It Means to Pledge No R.I.P.

1.  KayO never supported the saying "Rest in Peace" because he believed that people lived on in their spirits forever. Instead, he would say "Long Live" to whoever transitioned on. In loving memory of Caodes "KayO" Scott, the No R.I.P. movement will take on a life of its own and continue. No R.I.P. #LLKayO

2.  When you gossip and spread rumors and recklessly post about people's lives, you are speaking death - killing their spirits, killing their reputations, killing their relationships, killing their hope and so much more. Stop speaking death. No R.I.P.

3.  We are afforded the rights of free speech, freedom of the press, etc. However, we also have a humane responsibility to each other. As media, we encourage all bloggers and other members of the media to take the No R.I.P. pledge and post responsibly on your site; report responsibly on your shows. As a community, care for one another. Be mindful that words do hurt and can cause damage. Focus on the positive, not the negative. Focus on the truth, and not the gossip and the rumors. Stop the reckless, hurtful and destructive gossip. Whether you are media or the general public, please post responsibly. No Reckless Internet Posting. No R.I.P."

Those are wise words to live by.  The unfortunate thing is Kayo is not the only one who's death was lead by reckless internet posts from others.  Why have we become a nation that would rather spend time bring people down and kill their spirits instead of helping each other out to become a better, stronger nation.   If we do not have the right to hurt people physically, then we don't not have the right to hurt people on a mental/psychological level.  Join me and many others and pledge to stop R.I.P!!!!!

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-Rambling Holly


  1. My deepest condolences . This is very important..... No reckless internet POSTING‼️ Words DO Hurt... Children who can't fully process things . Peer pressure.. Words hurt‼️ Well done No RIP

  2. Thank you, Desiree for sharing your thoughts. I do agree whole-heartedly. I have seen plenty of people get roped into fights with other people over the internet for the things they say. We just need to be united on this and end reckless postings.