June 26, 2014

What in the World? What Are We Allowing?

I know that there are plenty of states and people that are still stuck in the times and believe that gay marriage should not be allowed.  I just don't understand it.  Why should we as a society stand in the way of someone and their happiness.  After all, they are not hurting anyone and they are not breaking the law by loving who they love.  I am not gay, however, I do have people who are close to me that are and I would want them to have the same opportunity as I do when it comes to being able to marry the person they want to spend the rest of their life with.  I will stand up for that right every chance I get and it upsets me to know that some states refuse to realize they cannot control people and to just realize that no matter what your gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is....we as a society just need to be accepting.

The worse part about this subject is the fact that there are some states that are some hateful and discriminant against same sex relationships that they do whatever they can to make these couples miserable.  It was brought to my attention not too long ago that this one couple is going through a terrible situation because of their state's (Texas) outlook on same-sex relationships, Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs.  This couple met four years ago and married last July in Washington, DC.  Due to the love for each other, they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and raise children together, so they saved their money for the costly procedure of having a surrogate mother involved.

Jason and Joe ended up finding a surrogate, CharLynn.  The twist to this situation is the fact that CharLynn ended up giving birth to twins, Lucas and Ethan.  One son is biologically Jason's and one son is biologically Joe's, however, CharLynn has no biological relationship with Lucas and Ethan.  Even though she is not the biological mother of the twins, unfortunately her name is the only one allowed on the birth certificate.  According to Texas's ban against gay marriage due to the fact that it was ruled unconstitutional, neither Jason or Joe is list as father on the birth certificates.  Now to put more salt on the wound, because this whole matter is based on the judges' own discretion, the judge also denied Jason and Joe the ability to co-adopt each other's child.  This is due to the fact that under the current law, second-parent adoption is between two married people.  So what does this mean for this family?  If something was to happen to Joe, Jason has no legal right to Joe's biological son and that means the state can take separate the twins and this would be the same outcome if something happened to Jason and Joe was left behind.

This is not right!  Why is this judge and this state causing this happy couple such a hard time?  We need to spread the word that this is not right and equality needs to happen for EVERYONE!  Please join the discussion.

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-Rambling Holly

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