July 29, 2014

Giveaway List

Of course I have sat down and compiled this week's list of great giveaways and instant wins that I approve, which mean there are some great prizes to be had and they are worth you time to enter!!!!

Blue Man Group Giveaway (ends 8/2)

Winning Moves Games Giveaway (ends 8/2)

Love Your Cat Giveaway (ends 8/5)

Old Time Candy Giveaway (ends 8/9)

Beachin' Event Giveaway (ends 8/11)

$100 Get Your Wish Giveaway (ends 8/15)

Back-to-school Tech Style Giveaway (ends 8/15)

Kindle Fire Giveaway (ends 8/21)

Keep the Lights on for Less Giveaway (ends 8/23)

Duralast ‘Chuck Your Ride’ Instant Win Game (ends 8/4)

Tetley Tea ‘Daily Chill’ Instant Win Game (ends 8/6)

M&M’s Movie Instant Win Game (ends 8/10)

Sour Patch Kids Stride Instant Win Game (ends 8/16)

Best Summer Ever Instant Win Game (ends 8/16)

Lands’ End Back to School Instant Win Game (ends 8/25)

Pepsi Real Big Summer Instant Win Game (ends 8/26) (text PEPSI to 699376)

Red Rain ‘Summer of Energy’ Instant Win Game (ends 8/31)

-Rambling Holly

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