July 31, 2014

Kindle Books: Horror

I got some more horror kindle books for y'all to enjoy for FREE!!

Lambs by Alex King (414 pages)
Tortured Dreams by Hadena James (398 pages)
The First by Kipjo K. Ewers (362 pages)
Longclaws: STONE GATES TRILOGY by Steve Peek (298 pages)
Child of the Ghosts by Jonathan Moeller (289 pages)
Cure by Belinda S. Frisch (269 pages)
Dark Recollections by Chris Philbrook (268 pages)
Dust To Dust 2: Witch You Were Here by Eden Crowne (268 pages)
Thores-Cross by Karen Perkins....(267 pages)
Pandora's Children by Bradley Convissar (258 pages)

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