July 14, 2014

Music Hack: Unlimited Pandora Skips

I LOVE Pandora internet radio.  Why wouldn't I? I get to create my own 'radio station' playlist based on my favorite artists and songs (and they I select them all and use the shuffle).  I am always listening to music, whether it is during the time that I am banging out blog posts, or playing an online game or when I am about to go to bed (can't get to sleep without it playing).

With this being said, there are times when a song plays that I do not like or one that I just do not want to listen to and all I have to do is press the skip button.  However, because I use the free membership, there is only a certain amount of times that I can press skip.  Now, sometimes this just makes me not want to listen to Pandora for the rest of the day (or until I go to bed) but I now know the fix to this problem.

Open the incognito window and open Pandora to have unlimited skips!  YAY!!!!

Thank you, 1000 Life Hacks!

-Rambling Holly

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