July 24, 2014

Time to Take a Stand: Police Are No Longer Protecting & Serving

So, for a little while I have had a mental debate with myself on whether or not to post of this topic....in the end, I decided I have to.  I would not be honest to myself if I did not post about this issue that we all need to stand up against.  Police officers not holding up to their oath to protect and serve.

Just last week, I was at work and this person I know (because he comes in the store all the time) overdosed on drugs and was passed out between the bar and house by my job.  It took about 10 minutes for the police to show up, then another 20 minutes had passed before I found out what was going on.  Another person who I know from the store, told me what was going on and that the police officer was not helping the person that was overdosing and when the person I was talking to tried to lift the guys head so that he would not choke on his tongue or spit, the police officer told him to stay out of the situation or he will be arrested.  Another 10 minutes went by, then finally, the ambulance showed up.  Mind you the whole time the guy who had overdosed was not conscience and unresponsive.  The overall feeling from everyone there, including myself, is that the police officer would just rather see the man die.  Right there in front of at least 20 neighborhood children.  I understand that want to rid the street of drug addicts and dealers but letting them die when you are suppose to help them is not the way to do it.

Another case that upset me to no end (and was the finally push to make me do this post) was the story about NYC man, Eric Garner.  If you haven't heard about this yet, this man was a bigger man who had broken up a fight earlier and the police had stopped him and wanted to pat him down.  Of course this upset Mr. Garner because he was not doing anything wrong and the police had no reason to harass him (they should have been thanking him for breaking up the fight).  Six police officers end up tackling Mr. Garner and bringing him to the ground.  Mr. Garner repeats at least four times that he cannot breathe while one the officers has him in a choke hold.  Needless to say, Mr. Garner suffered from asthma and ended up dying right there on the ground.  (Click here to watch a video of the tackle)

Now, there are many more similar situation but I had to talk about these two situations just because I cannot believe what we, as in the general population, are letting our tax dollars to pay for.  We are pretty much paying police to kill us and treat us as if they are better then us.  Why are we not making the police stand by their oath to protect and serve?  This is a serious issue when police are not protecting us and it is time for us to stand up and make our voices heard.  It is time to attend town and city meetings and to get involved to make sure your police force is accountable and holding up to their oath.

What are y'all's thoughts?  Do you think something has to be done about the police departments across the United States?  Share your thoughts with me and please share this post with everyone you know.....it is time to stand up and let police department know who they are working for!

-Rambling Holly

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