July 31, 2014

To Fathers Doing More For Their Kids

First, let me start off by saying that by no means is this post intended to bash all fathers that are not giving 110% to their children.  I am fully aware there are circumstances that limit the time fathers (and mothers for that matter) with their children.  However, I think it is extremely vital to a child's development to have a strong and supportive relationship with their father (and mother).

Fathers teach their sons how to be a man, how to treat women....even if the father is not around, he is still teaching his son.  Fathers teach their daughter self-respect and self-worth and they teach daughters what to expect of a man when they are old enough to date.

I love seeing on Facebook or any other social media fathers going the extra mile or just taking care of their kids.  Granted, we should not make a big deal about fathers doing their job by taking care of their children but their are a bunch of biological parents out there that do not do anything but provide the genes to make the child.  Or there are those parents that just do not have the time to spend a bunch of time with their children.  So, seeing these Facebook or other social media shared moments brings back the hope that not all fathers are dead-beat fathers and remind other fathers that sometimes the small moments matter the most to their children and if only a little time cut out for their child will make them feel loved and special, then why not do it.

Building a relationship with your child that helps your child develop into a secure adult is not the only benefit.  Spending time with your child can also help you de-stress and bring you back to your inner kid....not to mention get some exercise in.

So, what social media shared instants am I talking about?  Just last week, a friend of mine of Facebook shared this amazing video of a father taking the time to learn a dance with his daughter and the video was father and daughter performing the dance.  Click here to see the video.  Just like several months ago, when a photo of a father doing his daughter's hair went viral.  This should not be an issue, too many people still separate the different tasks of raising children into genders....such as the mothers are suppose to dress and do the hair and the fathers are suppose to punish and play sports.  Or the fathers are suppose to work and the mothers stay home.  WRONG!!!  Whatever works for the family should be enough....

At the end of the day, I love seeing fathers (and mothers) going out of their way for their children!

Share your thoughts with me!

-Rambling Holly

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