August 11, 2014

Academic Tip: Proofing Your Essays

If there is anything I know it is the fact that writing an error-free essay is almost impossible.  I know this because I spent 5 years with Kaplan University earning my bachelors and then masters degree and I spent a bunch of that time writing essays.  With this in mind, I have to admit there were plenty of times where I waited until last minute to write my essays and term papers.  This did not leave me much time to proof-read.
Now, anyone who has ever written a paper knows that it is important to proof-read but if you are tired or just not focused enough on the paper, you will miss even the most obvious mistakes.  Well, here is the end to most of the errors with your paper...

Copy your entire finished paper, paste into Google Translate and listen to it to spot any errors or sentences that just don't work.

You will still have to make sure you are using the correct spelling and words, but Google Translate will help make sure your essay sounds they way you want it to.

I really wish I knew this back when I was in college.  But at least now I know about it and I can pass this information along to all of you!

-Rambling Holly

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