August 14, 2014

Grocers Not Bagging Properly

So, I have been debating on posting about this but finally had enough of my grocery store where I just had to talk about this.....grocers not bagging my groceries properly!!!!

I don't know how many times my bags have been packed so full that they ripe open when I try to carry them in the house or even put them in the car.  It is like these plastic bags are gold and they do not want to use too many.  This is not to mention how many times the baggers have placed heavy items in the same bag with items that can be crushed.   A couple of times I've had 2 lt. bottles of soda place in the same bag as my bread items or vegetables like bell pepper and tomatoes.  There also has been plenty of times when they have place chemicals in the same bag where my food is.

I don't understand why this is happening.  I once worked for Walmart and part of the training involved training cashiers the proper way to bag items.  Is this not done anymore?  Because even though my biggest issue is with grocery stores, I have had issues at Walmart and how they bagged my items.  I just think it is common sense that you do not put too many things in one bag, you don't want the bag to rip, you don't put heavy items in the same bag with items that can by crushed and you do not put chemicals and food in the same bag.  Also, you put meat that is bloody in a bag by itself!  I could see if I was over reacting but I spend money on items and I want to be able to get them home and put away without having them damaged or contaminated.

What are y'all's thoughts?  Have you had the same issue?  I want to know your opinion.

-Rambling Holly


  1. I make sure I unpack it and repack it right there in front of them so they know they've done an inadequate job!

    1. I think that is great!!! I would do that too but half the time I am not paying attention to they way they are bagging because I am making sure I am being charged the correct price.