August 16, 2014

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

Here is the list of action/adventure kindle books for free.

Winds of Dalmatia by Tanja Tuma (517 pages)
The Chimera Vector by Nathan M. Farrugia (362 pages)
Acid Sky by Mark Anson (304 pages)
The Hunted One by Meg Collett (303 pages)
The Picture Kills by Ian Bull (292 pages)
Lore: Ashener's Calling by David Partelow (280 pages)
The Shadow of Medea by James Flynn (263 pages)
Forgotten Soul by Sandra Edwards (226 pages)
The Witches of Merribay  BJ Bash (212 pages)
Gasparilla's Treasure by Scott Clements (187 pages)

-Rambling Holly
Chosen by K. F. Breene

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