August 4, 2014

Kindle Books: Children's

Got another list for the little ones tonight....all of them are free!!!

Anne Hawksmoor: Time in the Tower by KC Harry (277 pages)
Fierce Winds and Fiery Dragons by Nan Sweet (153 pages)
The Adventures Of Two Little Ducklings by K.K.....(104 pages)
The Tambourine Queen: Moving Home by Deborah Bradley...(44 pages)
Do Monsters Wear Undies? by Mark Smith (41 pages)
The Little Red Hen by Carl Sommer...(35 pages)
The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started by Sanjay Nambiar (32 pages)
Pixie Courage by Joy Findlay (32 pages)
Little Library Mouse by Stephanie Lisa Tara (32 pages)
Gwynne, Fair & Shining by Stephanie Lisa Tara... (24 pages)

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