August 14, 2014

Kindle Books: Horror

For all y'all horror fans, I got a list of 10 great free horror kindle books for you to add to your must-read list

Live from the Apocalypse by Andrew Cruze (466 pages)
Of Blood & Flame by Anita Pettinato-Taylor (396 pages)
All Hallows' Eve by Hal L. O'ween (381 pages)
The Wishing Well Curse by Lynn Donovan (363 pages)
Plague by Victor Methos (333 pages)
Freefall by D. R. Sanford (320 pages)
The Colonial by Charlie Dayne (280 pages)
Wicked Hungry by Teddy Jacobs (272 pages)
Witches of The Demon Isle Box Set by Rachel Humphrey - D'aigle (262 pages)
Dark County by Kit Tinsley (207 pages)

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