August 28, 2014

The Decision to Vote

Now, I am not trying to talk about political preferences or start a huge debate but I just got something in the mail yesterday that made me what to talk about this and try to get a discussion going with y'all.  I received confirmation that I am registered to vote in my location.  Now, I was suppose to do this when I moved here a little over a year ago but I just let in slip from my to-do list.

So, this discussion is on the fact that many people my age and younger (as well as some older generations) believe it is pointless to vote.  That it is just a waist of time, time that it takes to register, time invested in learning about the candidates (local government or presidential candidates) and the time is takes to actually vote, just for the results to not be in their favor.  I remember one presidential election when I know for a fact the candidate that won could not have been the one with the most votes.  In other words the ballets were either stuffed or just not counted.

Because of that election, we have had 2 elections since then where the process of counting the ballets have been different (some good and some bad).  Now, I don't want to come right out and say that certain government officials finagle the ballet to be in their favor but in some instances it does seem that way.  And if that is the case, I agree with the lot of my generation who thinks voting is a waste of time.  After all, you can only voice your opinion some much when money and dirty politics seem to overrule.

But I cannot think this way.  Even if there are dirty politics and ballet stuffing going on, my voice has to be heard and everyone else's does.  This is our country, we are the majority and what we come together and agree upon should be what goes.  We are electing these politicians to act in our behave and I don't feel some of the politicians that keep getting elected into office are acting on the majority's behalf....they are acting on the big corporations and big shareholders behalf.  So, not to sound like my intelligent family members that are very much involved in politics, we have to open our eyes and speak up to get change, to get politicians in office that are going to actually focus on our needs and not those of the corporations and shareholders.

Those are my thoughts, what are y'all's?  I want to know, just make sure that you comments do not offend anyone please.

-Rambling Holly

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