September 27, 2014

Kindle Books: Action/Adventure

Here is the last list of free kindle books for this week....and they are in the action/adventure genre...

Noble Intentions: Season One by L. T. Ryan (531 pages)
The Devil's Crucible by Ian Mckenzie-Vincent (499 pages)
The Lead Cloak by Erik Hanbery (424 pages)
Ratcatcher by Tim Stevens (419 pages)
The Inside Passage by Pendelton Wallace (406 pages)
Into the Fire by FJ Gale (387 pages)
Secrets: The Hero Chronicles by Tim Mettey (329 pages)
The Cleaner by Mark Dawson (313 pages)
Fossil River by Jock Miller (298 pages)
The Last Call by George Wier (231 pages)

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