September 22, 2014

Kindle Books: Children's

Got little ones that you want to enjoy story-time and reading....I found some great free children's kindle books.

White Hart by Sarah Dalton (394 pages)
March of the Firebugs by T. J. Clark (267 pages)
Aster Wood and the Lost Maps of Almara by J.B. Cantwell (276 pages)
Fierce Winds and Fiery Dragons by Nan Sweet (154 pages)
A Cry Out of Time by JL Redington (115 pages)
Uprooted by Julieanne Riddle (101 pages)
Anne Hawksmoor: Time Traveller by K.C. Harry (94 pages)
Piper and the Pixie by Kristen G. Taylor (69 pages)
Diary of a Horse Mad Girl: My First Pony by Katrina Kahler (68 pages)
Tales of the Friendly Forest by Alexei Lukshin (33 pages)

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