September 17, 2014

Lacie Girl Boot Cuffs

So, not too long ago, I was contacted by Marnie Perri with Lacie Girl with this great opportunity to review a product.  I ended up receiving a pair of Boot Cuffs in a light blue, gray.  They sell for $12 on Lacie Girl's website.

Here is a little bit about Lacie Girl and Marnie:

"Beautiful everyday trending lace trimmed accessories for women. 
Lacie Girl has an all season collection of girly accessories for women. Specializing in lace boot socks, leg warmers, infinity scarves and clothing and swim wear."

"My first product I designed and developed was for the health and wellness industry. After bring this vitamin wallet to the market I realized how much I loved the whole process from the idea to the final product! My ebay store started on a whim selling the trending Hair feather extensions! Sales went wild! I could barely keep up during those months. So that success inspired me to open an online Boutique. It has quickly grown to be a treasured seasonal collection of the cutest trends. From Lacie socks, scarves, high waisted bow bandeau swimsuits, headbands, ( lacie jackets are coming soon!)
So who am I ? I was born with creativity and business in my blood. My grandmother was a seamstress and sewed beautiful clothes for a living. She also would design xmas d├ęcor and sell them at the mall. My mother is an incredible crafter and quilter. She would shop around and if she saw something she liked she would go make it and add extra touches and it would always turn out way cuter then the item she originally saw. :) I started my first business when I was 7 selling silly little drawings called (Bibbles) lol to the neighbors for 10 cents! I've always loved creativity and business. It was a natural step for me to eventually have my own shop of fun trendy accessories to share with you!"

So, what is my opinion?  Are they worth the cost?  How is the customer service aspect with Lacie Girl?  Click here to watch my video review.
 -Rambling Holly

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