September 29, 2014

Money Saving Tip: Clean Car Light Lens

All car owners know that after a while you headlight lens start to get cloudy which causes your headlights to be dimmer.

Now you could fork over the money to replace the lens....but who really has the money for that when the lens is perfectly fine....just a little dirty?

Or you could spend you money on the different products that air on television, saying they are specifically made to clean the lens.  Such as Wipe New or Fast Brite.  What if it doesn't work?  You just spent that money for another product that does not work!

Well, thank to a friend on Facebook, I saw this great video that is the end of all the hoping a product works.  You can use a can of mosquito repelling spray with a rag to wipe off the built up film on your headlight lens.  The best part is most of us have a can of the bug spray already so you are not wasting money...the spray just now has a dual-purpose.  Below is the video I saw with this hack!
Thank you, Haks Of Life!
-Rambling Holly

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