September 8, 2014

Money Saving Tip: The Secret to Shopping at Target

Now, I am sure that if you are trying to stretch your money, you already know about couponing and Target is a great place to use coupons to get you free or next to free items!

However, there are some more great secrets that will help you save even more money at Target.  I don't know about y'all but I hate buys something that I believe is at it lowest price only to find out that if I would have waiting just a little while I would have bought the item at an even lower price.  Well, at Target if a price ends in 8, it will be lowered (for example $19.98) but if the price ends in a 4, that is low as it is going to get (for example $5.94)!

Now as an added secret here is the schedule of mark downs:

Mondays: Kid's Clothing & Stationary (office supplies & gift wrap)

Tuesdays: Women's Clothing & Domestics

Wednesday: Men's Clothing, Toys, and Health & Beauty

Thurday: Lingerie, Shoes, and Housewares

Fridays: Cosmetics

-Rambling Holly

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