September 1, 2014

Rambling's Giveaways: Week of 9/1

Hey y'all.  With the cost of back to school and all the regular living expenses, our pockets are hurting or feeling a little lighter than we like.  Well, I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you some great giveaways where you could win money or some great what are you waiting for....enter to win..

Jamberry Mani/Pedi Giveaway (ends 9/1)

Back to School Palooza Giveaway (ends 9/2)

Rejuventor Showerhead Giveaway (ends 9/2)

Back to School Giveaway Bash (ends 9/6)

Baby Jogger Summit Giveaway (ends 9/7)

Don't Buy It, Rent It Giveaway (ends 9/7)

Dollar Shave Club Giveaway (end 9/8)

Julienne Peeler Giveaway (ends 9/8)

The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway (ends 9/9)

At First Sight Giveaway (ends 9/9)

Havit Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway (ends 9/12)

Luxury Bathroom Set Giveaway (ends 9/12)

CVS Mom's Morning Essentials Giveaway (ends 9/14)

Movie Night Giveaway (ends 9/16)

$500 Southwest Gift Card Back to School Giveaway (ends 9/19)

Fruiti Freeze Machine Giveaway (ends 9/23)

Mommy Needs a Getaway Giveaway (ends 9/30)

-Rambling Holly

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